By car: On the A7 Hamburg/Frankfurt am Main take the exit ramp 72 headed to Göttingen-Nord. Your accomodation is located on Theaterplatz 10, 37073 Göttingen.

Parking might be complicated. The accomodation is located in the middle of a residential area and offers a reasonable amount of fee-based parking spots. Only three minutes away there is a large but also fee-based parking lot.

By bus: Göttingen can be reached by flixbus.

By train: there is a plethora of possibilities to reach Göttingen by train. The ICEs to Bremen main station, Hamburg-Altona, Stuttgart main station and Munich main station all approach Göttingen station in a regular fashion. Local transport companies, namely Cantus, Metronom, Westbahn and DB Regio, also approach Göttingen.

By plane: the closest airports are Hannover and Kassel. From there, you can easily reach Göttingen by train or bus.