The accomodation is a gym located in a school in Theaterplatz 10. The building is in walking distance to both the city center and the university. Sanitary facilities are provided for within the accomodation.

N.B.: Any gear needed for an overnight stay (i.e. bedrolls etc.) is to be brought along. Unfortunately, the gym will be used by others as well, thus imposing some restrictions. From Wednesday to Friday, the building must be cleared until 5:30 am and can only be reentered at 10:30 pm. Every time you leave the accomodation you must bring everything with you. We will provide a storage area for your luggage without an additional fee. During the weekend the conditions are much less restrictive.

Please do not worry. The schedule has been adjusted accordingly. For the duration of the conference we will provide both breakfast and lunch. Like our luggage service, no additional costs will be incurred. It is important to us to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Please contact us if you have further questions.